Four years after my two little Poodles came into my life, one as a puppy, the other as a rescue, I found myself in a position where I needed to add to the family income. I began a great effort to find work and could not seem to land a job. So was born the idea of starting my own business. My new love for my dogs, and the inability to find a groomer that I was happy with, led me to explore the idea of opening my own grooming business. Within a month I was attending the Dayton Academy of Dog Grooming.

I have been in business for ten years and have been grooming my own dogs for thirteen years. In January, Christina Shumway joined me as a full time dog groomer.

My goal from the beginning has been not only to offer professional quality pet grooming at affordable prices, but just as importantly to provide a stress free environment for every pet. The groomer is usually not your pet's favorite person to visit, in fact with some pets we rank right up there with the vet. Each groomer at Sitting Pretty Pet Salon does their best to make your pet feel loved, comforted and relaxed while they are with us.

We work with puppies and difficult dogs to help them learn how to be groomed in stress-free ways. We use treats and praise to train, just as in other training issues. In most cases, with patience, kindness and love your pet will learn to accept grooming as part of life very quickly. Most dogs that we have groomed from the time they were pups will greet us with enthusiastic kisses and wags.

Keep in mind that if your dog is new he/she will possibly feel some stress. If you are stressed your dog will also pick up on your stress and will become nervous. The calmer and more matter of fact you are when dropping your dog off at the groomer, the calmer your pet will be. You are your pet's leader and your dog will take its cue from you.

Feel free to stop in and visit us any time during regular business hours. We love visitors!

Hope to see you soon!

The Staff at Sitting Pretty Pet Salon


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